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Gestures of Love and Hope for science in times of COVID19 images/Content/noticias/33de50d1-dccc-4254-b395-33bd11d6d5e6.jpg NP Wednesday, September 16, 2020
The CIM on its 26th Anniversary of Science of Commitment images/Content/noticias/350fdef6-e2e7-41e5-8d75-ba1d46be1058.jpg NP Monday, December 21, 2020
We wish you all a Happy New Year! images/Content/noticias/693d7dc3-a0e9-48e8-a822-e48d46b69ffb.jpg NP Monday, January 4, 2021
Scientific collaboration agreement signed between Cuba and Iran images/Content/noticias/113842fc-d314-4538-848a-d5eacc5b539e.jpg NP Saturday, January 9, 2021
Itolizumab in the new version of the National Action Protocol for COVID-19 images/Content/noticias/1dca9b6f-cc48-4509-aaff-6a98b56622ac.jpg NP Monday, February 1, 2021
CIM PCR laboratory increases its capacities images/Content/noticias/cb5932ee-f349-4a6e-a83e-a8868d887a18.jpg NP Monday, February 1, 2021
The CIM as part of the BioCubaFarma Strategy for the Productive Development of vaccine candidates images/Content/noticias/68e38e5b-33c9-47f6-9b76-56a03c3462ed.jpg NP Monday, February 15, 2021
CIM receives awards from CITMA images/Content/noticias/3d225ee5-fcd1-4447-bc4a-84f483cc3630.jpg NP Monday, February 22, 2021
17 women from CIM receive, FMC 60th Anniversary Seal images/Content/noticias/5091fe24-4c30-4d05-8546-355a9f23b9bd.jpg NP Thursday, February 25, 2021
Productive escalation of the RBD antigen of the Soberana02 vaccine candidate images/Content/noticias/6beb919a-7dba-49f7-88e5-ab30b8e76c01.jpg NP Tuesday, March 2, 2021
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Frequent Questions

How can I access the therapeutic vaccines against lung cancer?

Cuba has 2 therapeutic vaccines for advanced lung cancer: CIMAvax EGF ® and VAXIRA® (Racotumomab). Both therapeutic vaccines have a health record in the indication of advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) stage III and IV, after the first line of chemotherapy. The main clinical benefit of these vaccines has been demonstrated in an increase in survival and improvement in quality of life, as well as a broad safety profile. How to get vaccines? Foreigners should contact the Cuban Medical Services who will evaluate each case as part of a comprehensive patient care program, with commercial value. -Cuban Medical Services. Web page: .; E-mail: Telephone: (537) 209-0977 Fax: (537) 203-1590. You can also make your request for care stating the reason for your request, a medical summary and personal data directly to: International Clinic of the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital. Calle San Lázaro # 701 esq. a Belascoaín, Centro Habana, La Habana, C.P: 10400, Cuba. Telephone: (537) 8761029, (537) 8761030, (537) 8761683. Email: International Health Center - La Pradera Calle 15 e / 222 A y 234, Reparto Siboney, Playa Municipality, Havana, Cuba Telephone: (+537) 273 7467 Ext. 403 (+537) 2737202. Email:   If you want a treatment outside of Cuba. You can contact the following companies with commercial rights in the region for CIMAvax EGF® DELTA Laboratories S.A. Colombia. General Manager: Mr. Alejandro Castaño. Address: Cra. 46 # 19 Sur 117 Medellín, Colombia, South America. Tel. + 57-4-334 40 33. Cell: +57 - 311-301 8257 E-mail: Skype: Alejandrodelta. URL:   Libra Laboratorios, Paraguay S.A Commercial Manager: Mr. Pablo Moreira. Address: Pedro Ciancio 1443 between Santiago and San Cosme B Jara Asunción Tel. (595-21) 228 370. Cell: (595) 986 679300 E-mail:

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