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Our Deputy Director of Productive Operations Sergio Cata explains in a report for the Round Table that despite the complexities that the country faces in the face of the pandemic in the sanitary and economic order, the CIM has maintained its productions, guaranteeing the stability of the CIM products, of which only one (nimotuzumab) has been lacking and its coverage should be stabilized at the hospital level in the months of August and September.


The CIM begins the week checking in the Board of Directors of R + D + N:
* Clinical, regulatory and commercial strategies (itolizumab)
The evolution of the production campaign that should end this week is analyzed.
* Preliminary data from the clinical trial, prioritized project: NeuroEpo
The results of the trial are updated so far, showing improvements in patients with two years of treatment.
* Business activity progress of innovative and biosimilar products
Business actions are monitored from ongoing R&D projects.


Today marks the 15th anniversary of obtaining the definitive registration of our CIMAher® monoclonal antibody (nimotuzumab), a product that has since been applied to more than 300 children with cancer, giving them hope and quality of life.


Interview with the General Director of our center


This colony-stimulating factor has been indicated for cancer patients and HIV / AIDS patients, today it shows in exploratory clinical trials potentialities in acute respiratory diseases such as COVID-19.


Our Center carries out actions that guarantee the assurance and quality of its productions:

Construction, technological maintenance, installation of a new closed circuit television system in the Control Room
and commissioning of key equipment for the sterilization of work clothes and materials for sterile use.

All this with the will and effort of all our technological and productive groups, as well as the support of the National Validation Group and the XETID Group.


Three of our investigators joined the Henry Reeve Brigades, their names are Tania Griñan and Liset Chao. Another sign that we are Science of Commitment.


Evidence of scientific collaboration as a fundamental element in the development of science and the generation of new knowledge in the short term.


Voices from the basic research of our center, accelerating dynamics and redirecting research in the face of the new pandemic.


In the afternoon of today, the Scientific Council of our center was held together with senior executives to analyze preliminary results of the clinical trial of the Itolizumab monoclonal antibody applied in patients with COVID19 in Cuba and thus evaluate the data with a view to advancing the investigation.

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Frequent Questions

How can I access the therapeutic vaccines against lung cancer?

Cuba has 2 therapeutic vaccines for advanced lung cancer:
CIMAvax EGF ® and VAXIRA ® (racotumomab). Both therapeutic vaccines have sanitary registration in the indication of stage III and IV advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), after the first line of chemotherapy. The main clinical benefit of these vaccines has been shown to be increased survival and improved quality of life, as well as a broad safety profile.

How to acquire the vaccines?
Foreigners should contact the Cuban Medical Services who will evaluate each case as part of a comprehensive patient care program, with commercial value.

-Cuban Medical Services. Web page:; E-mail:
Phone: (537) 209-0977 Fax: (537) 203-1590.

You can also make your request for care expressing the reason for your request, a medical summary and personal data directly to:

International Clinic of the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital.
Calle San Lázaro # 701 esq. to Belascoaín, Havana Center, Havana, C.P: 10400, Cuba.
Telephone: (537) 8761029, (537) 8761030, (537) 8761683. Email:

International Health Center
La Pradera Calle 15 between 222 A and 234, Siboney neighborhood, Playa Municipality, Havana, Cuba
Telephone: (+537) 273 7467 Ext. 403 (+537) 2737202. Email:

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