• The increase in the survival of patients with advanced cancer and other chronic diseases, modifying the indicators on a population scale in Cuba.

  • The growth of the portfolio of exportable products and conquest of the foreign market based on a differentiation strategy based on scientific knowledge.

  • Scientific discoveries that are translated into new therapeutic concepts and new productive technologies that sustain the sustainable growth of the impact on health and the country's economy.

LeukoCIM 300, 480

categoriaProducto: Commercials

modalidad: Recombinant Proteins

producidoPor: EPOVAC

Biosimilar with efficacy and safety comparable to the reference medicine • Significantly increases the white blood cell count • Reduces the incidence, severity and duration of neutropenia and febrile neutropenia in patients undergoing cytotoxic chemotherapy or myelosuppressive treatment, followed by bone marrow transplantation • Minimizes complications of neutropenia, hospitalization time and number of hospital admissions. • It allows optimal planning of antiretroviral and milosuppressant medications.

nombreComercial: ior® LeukoCIM, LEUCOGEN®, KALCOGEN®, Leuco-Plus, LEUKOPLUS®

formaFarmaceutica: Solution for subcutaneous (SC) injection and for intravenous (IV) infusion

propiedadesFarmacologicas: Pharmacological properties Filgrastim regulates the production and release of functional neutrophils from the bone marrow, increases the neutrophil count in peripheral blood (CAN), significantly reduces the incidence, severity and duration of neutropenia and febrile neutropenia by chemotherapy.

indicacionesTerapeuticas: - Patients with cancer under treatment of myelosuppressive chemotherapy. - Patients with acute myeloid leukemias in chemotherapy treatment for induction or consolidation. - Patients who receive a bone marrow transplant. - Patients with cancer undergoing mobilization procedure and collection of hematopoietic progenitor cells. - Patients with severe chronic neutropenia. - Prophylaxis and treatment of neutropenia in patients with HIV / AIDS.

aprobacionesEspecialesComercializacion: no content

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Frequent Questions

How can I access the therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer CIMAvax-EGF?

CIMAvax EGF ® is a therapeutic vaccine registered in Cuba (developed by the Center of Molecular Immunology (CIM), for advanced lung cancer. This therapeutic vaccine has a health history in the indication: Advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) stage IIIb and IV, after the first line of chemotherapy. It is in this condition and type of lung cancer that the greatest clinical benefit is obtained in terms of increased survival and improved quality of life, as well as a broad safety profile in treated patients. This vaccine is not recommended for other types of cancer, apart from NSCLC, the tumor must be primary pulmonary, because we have no evidence of efficacy to date. It is necessary to know the histology and tumor stage of the patient, since CIMAvax EGF ® is only registered for non-small cell lung cancer of advanced stage IIIb and IV cells (NSCLC), in other types of tumors we have no evidence of clinical efficacy .

Questions of Interest:
Position of CIM for CIMAvax EGF®:

The Center for Molecular Immunology (CIM) is the center where it develops, produces and markets this medicine among other biotechnological products. This institution does not offer treatments to patients directly, nor does it inform about the price of the products they produce.

Foreign patients should contact the Cuban Medical Services who will evaluate each case if they are susceptible to treatment with these vaccines and receive it within a comprehensive program of patient care with commercial value.
You can contact them at these addresses:

Cuban Medical Services.
Web Page:; E-mail:
Phones: (537) 209-0977
Fax: (537) 203-1590

At the International Clinic La Pradera:
Phones (537) 2737467 ext. 403
Commercial: 72731441

If you want a treatment outside of Cuba:

Laboratorio Libra Paraguay S.A
Dirección: Pedro Ciancio 1443 entre Santiago y San Cosme B Jara Asunción Persona de Contacto: Sr. Pablo Moreira Gerente Comercial
Correo electrónico:
Teléfono: (595-21) 228 370
Móvil: (595) 986 679300

Sr. Alejandro Castaño.
Gerente general
Tel: + 57-4-334 40 33
Móvil: +57 - 311 301 8257
Skype: Alejandrodelta
Cra.46 # 19 sur 117
Medellín, Colombia, América del Sur

Laboratorio Elea Phoenix S.A.
Sanabria 2353 (C1417AZE), Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Tel. (5411) 4379 4300 (int. 1266)
Director médico Dr. Matias DEPRATI

LLP UM-Pharma
050033, Almaty, Khodzhanova street, 13 house, 69
CEO. Alina Ilimbayeva
+7 701 715 6000

Bosnia Herzegovina
VAMA d.o.o.
Kraljice Natalije 46
11.000 Beograd
Tel: +381 11 36 28 433
CEO. Mr. Zoran Vujovic.

Si necesita cualquier información adicional, no dude en contactarnos.
Saludos cordiales.

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