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The original headquarters of the Molecular Immunology Center (CIM) was located in a small INOR premises and there the first Cuban investigations on the subject of monoclonal antibodies (AbM) began in 1982.

On September 28, 1989, our Commander in Chief visits the INOR experimental area and the following actions are derived:

· Constitution of the Budgeted Unit.

· Integration to the Western Scientific Complex and authorization to carry out commercial export activities.

· Investment for the remodeling and re-equipment of the AcM Laboratories within the INOR for the production of up to 200 g.

· Investment for the construction of the final headquarters, with areas and equipment for the production of several kilograms per year.

By Ministerial resolution 538 of October 30, 1990, the National Commission of the Economic Management System authorized the creation of the Budgeted Unit “AcM Production Center”, subordinated to MINSAP. Subsequently, the country's leadership approved the change of name to the Molecular Immunology Center (CIM).

On January 15, 1991, earthmoving for the construction of the new headquarters began and on December 5, 1994, Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro inaugurated the new CIM facility. That day our Commander pointed out:

... "I must add that there are very few centers in the world like this. It is a world-class center in its construction, in its cleanliness, in its equipment, they are the most modern, but above all, there is something in which I I am sure that no one will beat us in the world and it is in the quality of men and women who are going to work, or who are already working in this center"...

... "It is a pride in the middle of the special period to inaugurate this center, which is not a luxury, it is a promise of health and well-being for our people, it is a promise of income for our economy... "

In this way, the CIM Mission was defined.

¨Obtain and produce new biopharmaceuticals for the treatment of cancer and other non-communicable chronic diseases and introduce them into Cuban Public Health. Make scientific and productive activity economically sustainable and make contributions to the country's economy.

It is currently a closed-cycle Cuban biotechnological institution (research-development, production, commercialization), which directs its basic research, development and manufacture of products for the treatment of cancer and other autoimmune diseases from the culture of superior cells. Currently it is subordinated to the Higher Organization of Business Management (OSDE) BIOCUBAFARMA, as one of the High Technology Companies (EAT) of the country.

Phone Board:
General Direction:
15 Street and 216 Street, Siboney, Playa, La Habana, Cuba. A.P 16040, La Habana 11600, Cuba
Postal Code:
11 600
Post Office Box:
16 040

Frequent Questions

How can I access the therapeutic vaccines against lung cancer?

Cuba has 2 therapeutic vaccines for advanced lung cancer:
CIMAvax EGF ® and VAXIRA ® (racotumomab). Both therapeutic vaccines have sanitary registration in the indication of stage III and IV advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), after the first line of chemotherapy. The main clinical benefit of these vaccines has been shown to be increased survival and improved quality of life, as well as a broad safety profile.

How to acquire the vaccines?
Foreigners should contact the Cuban Medical Services who will evaluate each case as part of a comprehensive patient care program, with commercial value.

-Cuban Medical Services. Web page:; E-mail:
Phone: (537) 209-0977 Fax: (537) 203-1590.

You can also make your request for care expressing the reason for your request, a medical summary and personal data directly to:

International Clinic of the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital.
Calle San Lázaro # 701 esq. to Belascoaín, Havana Center, Havana, C.P: 10400, Cuba.
Telephone: (537) 8761029, (537) 8761030, (537) 8761683. Email:

International Health Center
La Pradera Calle 15 between 222 A and 234, Siboney neighborhood, Playa Municipality, Havana, Cuba
Telephone: (+537) 273 7467 Ext. 403 (+537) 2737202. Email:

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